17.9. Test Your Understanding

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True or False: A Web application requires at least one web.config file in its directory tree.


Name the two places that trace output can be viewed.


Regarding ASP.NET security:

  1. List the three types of .NET authentication available.

  2. Where is the authentication type specified?

  3. What is the difference between authentication and authorization?

  4. Which property of the Page class provides information about an authenticated user?


Which mechanism(s) for storing session state information supports multiple servers?


You have a reasonably static Web page that is rendered differently for different browsers and you want to refresh the cached page every three hours. What would be included in your OutputCache directive for this page?


What factors influence whether state data is maintained in a data cache or an application state variable?


What is resource scavenging, and how can a data cache prevent it from occurring?


Fill in the blanks:

As a _________ or __________ passes through the HTTP pipeline, an __________ object fires a series of events that may be handled by a/an ___________ or in the _________ file.

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