Section 148. Bookmark a Favorite Page

148. Bookmark a Favorite Page


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149 Manage Your Bookmarks

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When you find an especially interesting or helpful web page, you can bookmark it to make it easier for you to revisit that page at a later time. For example, you might bookmark a favorite news site so that you can check what's happening each morning. If you happen to have multiple tabbed windows open , you can quickly bookmark each of them.

You can save your favorite bookmarks to the Bookmarks toolbar. Each bookmark added to this toolbar appears as a button; click a button to display the associated web page. Thus, the Bookmarks toolbar allows you to visit your favorite places on the Web quickly and easily. The Bookmarks toolbar normally appears just under the Navigation bar; to display it, choose View, Toolbars, Bookmarks from the menu.

This task shows you how to bookmark a web page. You can also bookmark a live feed, such as updated RSS news headlines. Just navigate to the web page containing the live feed and click the Live Bookmark icon (an orange sound horn), located at the right end of the Status bar on pages that contain a live feed. Select the live feed you want to bookmark from the list that appears. You might be prompted to select the program you want to process the feed, such as NewzCrawler or Sage.


Bookmarks created in another web browser (such as Internet Explorer) are automatically imported into Firefox when you install Firefox. If your existing bookmarks were not imported, choose File, Import to import them now.

148. Bookmark a Favorite Page

Choose Bookmarks, Bookmark This Page

Display the page you want to bookmark and then choose Bookmarks, Bookmark This Page from the menu, or press Ctrl+D . The Add Bookmark dialog box appears.

Type Bookmark Name

Type a name for the bookmark in the Name box, or accept the default page name.

Bookmark All Tabbed Windows if Desired

To bookmark all the pages currently open in tabbed windows, enable the Bookmark all tabs in a folder check box.

Select a Folder and Click OK

Open the Create in list, select a folder in which to save the bookmark and click OK . Click the plus sign in front of a folder to display its subfolders if needed. If the folder you want to use is not listed, click the Show all the bookmarks folders button to display the complete list of bookmark folders at the bottom of the dialog box and then select the desired folder. If you choose the Bookmarks folder, the bookmark will appear as a button on the Bookmarks toolbar.


To create a new folder within the current folder, click the New Folder button in the Add Bookmark dialog box. Type a name for the new folder and click OK to create it.

If the Bookmarks sidebar is displayed in the browser window, you can drag an address from the Locations bar and drop it on the appropriate folder in the Bookmarks listing of web pages you've already saved to create a bookmark. You can also drop the bookmark on the Bookmarks toolbar to add it as a button.

Click Bookmark to Redisplay It

To use a bookmark you've saved, open the Bookmarks menu, open the folder the bookmark is in, and then click the bookmark. The web page associated with the bookmark is displayed.

To open all the bookmarks in a folder within tabbed windows, select Open in Tabs at the bottom of that folder's submenu on the Bookmarks menu.


If a bookmark appears on the Bookmarks toolbar, click its button to visit that page.

Display your bookmarks in the Bookmarks sidebar by choosing View, Sidebar, Bookmarks or pressing Ctrl+B . Then click a bookmark to display the page associated with it.

To locate a bookmark, type all or part of its name in the Search box located at the top of the Bookmarks sidebar. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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