Section 147. Set Your Home Page

147. Set Your Home Page


142 Navigate the Web


146 Browse with Tabbed Windows

As you learned in 142 Navigate the Web , when you start Firefox, it displays your Home page automatically. You don't have to set your home page to a single page; instead, you can set it to a series of tabbed windows and have them all open for you whenever you start Firefox. You can also set Firefox to open with a blank page, which might be useful if you have a slow Internet connection and you'd like to fully load the program before you begin browsing.

Choose Tools, Options

Choose Tools, Options from the menu bar. The Options dialog box appears.


If you want to set the home page to a series of tabbed windows, you might want to open those windows first, before beginning this task. (If the tabbed windows you want to use as a home "page" are already saved in a single bookmark folder, you can skip this part.)

Likewise, if you want to set a single home page, you might want to display it first in the browser window.

147. Set Your Home Page

Click General

Click the General button in the left pane to display the options on the General tab of the Options dialog box.

Set Options and Click OK

Select the home page option you want, and click OK .

  • You can set the home page to the current page in your browser (or pages , if you've already displayed them in tabbed windows) by clicking Use Current Page.

  • Set the home page to a page (or pages) you've already bookmarked by clicking Use Bookmark . (See 148 Bookmark a Favorite Page for more about bookmarks.) The Set Home Page dialog box appears; click a single page or a folder (to set the home page to a series of tabbed windows). Click OK to return to the Options dialog box.

  • Set the home page to a blank page by clicking Use Blank Page . 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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