Section 149. Manage Your Bookmarks

149. Manage Your Bookmarks


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148 Bookmark a Favorite Page

It's not soon after you start creating bookmarks that you realize you should probably start organizing them better. You might rename a bookmark, for example, to make it easier to identify. You might also move the bookmark into a different folder to make it easier to find. You can perform other maintenance tasks as well, such as refining the address the bookmark points to, deleting unwanted bookmarks, and sorting the bookmarks list.


You can perform most of these maintenance tasks using the Bookmarks sidebar, rather than displaying the Bookmarks Manager . To display the sidebar, choose View, Sidebar, Bookmarks . Just right-click the bookmark you want to change, and select the appropriate command from the menu, such as Delete .

Choose Bookmarks, Manage Bookmarks

Choose Bookmarks, Manage Bookmarks from the menu. The Bookmarks Manager window appears.

Select Bookmark

If needed, click the plus sign in front of a folder in the left pane to display its bookmarks in the right pane. Click the bookmark you want to change.

149. Manage Your Bookmarks

Change Bookmark Properties

Click the Properties button in the toolbar at the top of the Bookmarks Manager window. The Properties dialog box appears. Change the bookmark's name by typing a new name in the Name box. Edit the Location (the URL, or address, of the web page) if desired. You can type a Keyword and/or a Description , and use this information when you sort the bookmarks list. Click OK to accept the changes to the bookmark.


Enable the Load this bookmark in the sidebar check box in the Properties dialog box to display the associated web page in the sidebar. You might do this with a search engine bookmark, for example, to keep its results page handy in the sidebar as you display the links you click on the right, in the main window (this assumes the web page recognizes that it's in a sidebarsome pages do not, and simply display the result of a clicked link in the sidebar).

Delete a Bookmark

To remove the selected bookmark, click the Delete button in the toolbar at the top of the Bookmarks Manager window. The bookmark is removed from the list.

Move a Bookmark

To move the selected bookmark, drag it up or down in the listing. If you place a bookmark in the Bookmarks Toolbar folder, the bookmark appears as a button on the Bookmarks toolbar in the main browser window. You can also move a bookmark by selecting it, clicking the Move button in the toolbar at the top of the Bookmarks Manager window, selecting a folder for the bookmark from the Move to list that appears, and clicking OK .

Sort Bookmarks

Normally, bookmarks and folders are sorted alphabetically . To sort them in a different order, open the View menu in the Bookmarks Manager window, and select the sort order you want from those listed. For example, you can sort the listing by Web address by choosing Sorted by Location . If you choose Sorted by Name , you can select A > Z Sort Order or Z > A Sort Order. You can also click the column headings at the right side of the window to sort the listing by that column. The entire bookmarks listing is resorted, using the sort order you chose. When you're done organizing your bookmarks, close the Bookmarks Manager window. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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