Section 150. Save a Web Page

150. Save a Web Page


142 Navigate the Web

If you're browsing the Internet for information and you find an especially useful web page, you might want to save its contents to you computer's hard disk for further review. If you simply bookmark the page, you can return at any time, but that does not guarantee that the page's information will still be the same or that the page will still be available.

150. Save a Web Page

When you save a web page by following the steps in this task, sometimes all the graphics are not saved, even when you choose to save them with the page. This is not an error, but rather a reflection of the web page's design. If you want to ensure that all graphics are saved, you might want to install and use Scrapbook, a Firefox extension. See 152 Customize the Browser . Scrapbook also lets you capture a portion of a web page, a linked web page without displaying it, or just an image if you like.

Choose File, Save Page As

Display the web page you want to save to your hard disk. If you want to save the contents of a web page currently displayed in a frame, click within that frame first. Then choose File, Save Page As from the menu bar. The Save As dialog box appears.

Select Web Page Format

Open the Save as type list and select the web page format you want to use. If you choose the web page, HTML only option, embedded graphics are not saved. If you choose the Web Page, complete option, the graphics and text are saved in a separate file. If you choose the Text Files option, just the text is saved.


If you've installed the Scrapbook extension, you can use the File, Capture Page command to save a web page and all its graphics. To capture files linked to the page such as sound or movie files, choose File, Capture Page As .

To save just a web page graphic with Scrapbook, right-click the image and choose Save Image As from the context menu. You can also send the image in an email, use it as Windows wallpaper, and copy the image to the Windows Clipboardchoose the desired option from the context menu.

Select Folder

Open the Save in list and select the folder in which you want to save the web page.

Type Filename and Click Save

Type a name for the web page in the File name text box and click Save. The web page is saved to the hard disk. To view it again, choose File, Open File from the menu, select the web page you saved, and click Open . 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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