Section 151. Manage Your Downloads

151. Manage Your Downloads


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Some web pages provide links to files you can copy (download) to your computer. Rather than wait for a download to finish, you might want to continue working in Firefox, browsing the Internet. The Download Manager allows you to do just that, because it keeps track of the file(s) you download and their statistics as you work. For example, at any time during a download session, you can display the Download Manager and see just how much of a large file has been copied to your system and how much longer it might take to complete the job. If there's a problem during the download, you can retry the process with a simple click of a button. You can even pause and resume the process if downloading is slowing down your computer too much.

151. Manage Your Downloads


Files are downloaded to the Desktop by default, but you can place them in a different folder if you like. Choose Tools, Options , click the Downloads button, and select the download options you want, such as which folder you want to use for downloading and whether you want Download Manager to appear automatically every time you select a file to download.

Initiate the Download

A download is typically initiated by clicking a link to a file. You might also initiate a download by right-clicking an object or link and choosing Save Image As or Save Link As . With some files, you'll be asked if you want to open them or save them on your system. If so, click Save to Disk and click OK to start the download.

After a download begins, the Download Manager automatically appears. You can use it to pause the download, for example, or you can simply switch back to the main Firefox window and keep working. Download Manager keeps track of what's going on and if there are any problems, so you can check back later whenever you want.


After a download is finished, you can redisplay the Download Manager to review download statistics by choosing Tools, Download .

Interrupt a Download

If a download is still in progress, you can pause it temporarily by selecting the download from those listed and clicking Pause . Click Resume to pick up the download where you left off.

To cancel a download completely, select the listing and click Cancel . To retry a failed download, select the listing and click Retry.

Open Download Folder

After a download is complete, you can open the file in its associated program (for example, open a zipped file in WinZip) by clicking Open .

Remove Old Entries

The Download Manager keeps track of all of your downloads until you remove them from its listing. To remove a single download listing, select it and click Remove.

To remove all entries in the Download Manager , click Clean Up . 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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