Chapter 2. Learning Writer s Basics

Chapter 2. Learning Writer's Basics


1 Set Writer Options

2 Create a New Document

3 Open an Existing Document

4 Type Text into a Document

5 Edit Text

6 Move Around a Document

7 Find and Replace Text

8 Check a Document's Spelling

9 Print a Document

Writer is a full-featured word processor that you can use to produce notes, reports , newsletters, brochures , and just about anything that requires text and perhaps graphics as well. If you want to do something in Writer, Writer probably offers a way to do it.

In spite of all its bells and whistles, Writer's primary goal is to get text into a document. Hardly any word processor does that as easily as Writer (or as cheaply!). This chapter gets you started if you are new to Writer. You'll master the basic text-entering and document-navigation skills.


Start Writer by selecting from the program group on the Start menu, or by selecting File, New, Text Document from the menu bar in any program window. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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