Rearranging Text and Text Objects

Once you select text, you can start moving and copying it. You can rearrange snippets of text, or you can relocate an entire text object. Being able to copy and move text is a feature that makes Microsoft Office applications so much more productive than pen and paper.

Moving or Copying Text and Text Objects

You move and copy text in PowerPoint just as you do in virtually all other Windows applications. You can move or copy text from either the Slide or Outline pane, depending on your preference. Four basic steps are involved, but one step differs depending on whether you want to move or copy the text. To move or copy text, simply select the text and drag the text to its new location and release your mouse button. You also can copy or cut the selected text to the Office Clipboard and paste the test elsewhere.

Moving Text Objects on a Slide

When you move and copy text objects to different slides, they usually do not end up in the position that you had envisioned . You may need to move them around. You may also find that at times the AutoLayouts available do not meet the exact layout specifications for your presentation.

To move text objects on a particular slide, use the Slide pane and just use the mouse to drag the object to the desired location on the slide.

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