Moving Items on a List

By default, QuickBooks sorts lists in a particular order. The Customer and Vendor lists are alphabetized; the Item list is sorted first by type of item and then alphabetized within each type. The list order is carried over to reports and statements. You can change the order of items on your lists. When you change the order on a list, the change remains permanent and carries through to your reports.

Open a list by selecting the list from the Lists menu. For purposes of this example, the Chart of Accounts list has been selected.

Scroll to the area of the list you want to reorder.

Place your mouse pointer on the small diamond to the left of the account you want to move. The mouse pointer becomes a four-sided arrow.

Drag the account diamond to the new location on the list.

Release the mouse. The account has been moved. The next time you open the list, the account will still be in its new location.

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