Counting Your Inventory

Although QuickBooks keeps meticulous records of the inventory you purchase and the sales you enter, differences will occur between the amounts entered during the year and the actual quantity of items on your shelves. The more frequently you count inventory, the more likely you are to be aware of any loss or damage to your inventory. You should try to account for material discrepancies between your books versus your actual inventory records. To assist you in taking a physical inventory count, QuickBooks provides a Physical Inventory Worksheet that you can print out and use while you count your inventory. In this example, the column that displays the QuickBooks count of inventory items is removed so the person making the physical count will be less inclined to rely on the computer-supplied numbers when counting inventory.

Select Inventory from the Reports menu; then select Physical Inventory Worksheet.

To remove the On Hand column, place the mouse pointer over the small diamond to the right of the On Hand column heading.

Drag the diamond over the words On Hand, to the diamond on the left of the column heading.

Release the mouse; the On Hand column disappears.

Slide the diamonds as necessary so that the full text of each column is visible.

Click the Print button.

Click Print in the Print Reports window.

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