A Variety of Inventory Reports

The Inventory Valuation Summary report shows the worth of each item in your inventory based on the average cost method. The report also shows what percentage of the total inventory each item accounts for, what the items retail for, and what percentage of the total retail value each item accounts for.

The Inventory Valuation Detail report takes the Inventory Valuation Summary one step further and shows you the complete details of every inventory transaction (each purchase and sale) for the requested period of time.

The Inventory Stock Status by Item report lists each item in inventory and tells you how many are currently in stock, how many are on order, and when you can expect to receive the orders. The report also calculates the average sales of each item on a per-week basis.

The Inventory Stock Status by Vendor report displays the same information as the Stock Status by Item report, but the items are grouped by vendor so you can quickly find out how many items are on order from a particular vendor and which inventory items are ordered from each vendor.

The Physical Inventory Worksheet report lists all the inventory items you have set up for your company, along with the preferred vendor for each item, the quantity of each item that QuickBooks shows you have on hand, and a place where you can enter the quantity you actually have in stock.

The Pending Builds report, ideal for manufacturing companies, shows all transactions recorded as pending builds of assembly items. To take advantage of the pending builds feature, you must have QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

See Also

See "Customizing Reports" on page 383 for information on manipulating QuickBooks reports so they display the information you want to see in the manner in which you want to see it.

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