Creating Mailing Labels

Sending an announcement to all your customers, vendors, or employees is easy when you use the address information already stored in your QuickBooks file to create mailing labels. QuickBooks lets you select the group and then produce labels based on your specifications.

Select Print Forms from the File menu; then select Labels from the side menu that appears.

Select which group of labels you want to print. For this example, the customer list has been selected.

Indicate whether you want to narrow the mailing list to particular types.

Indicate whether you want to specify ZIP Codes that begin with a particular number.

Indicate how you want the list sorted.

Check whether you want to use ship to addresses instead of mailing addresses.

Check whether you want to print labels for names that are inactive.

Check whether you want to print labels for individual jobs (only applicable if you are printing labels for customers).

Click OK.

Select the format that applies to the labels you are printing.

Click Preview to see whether the labels you are about to print are what you expect.

Click Align if you need to adjust the alignment of the text that will appear on your labels.

There is an option on the Align screen to print a sample. You can print this on plain paper to see how the labels will look without wasting label paper.

Click OK to close the Align window after making any necessary adjustments.

Click Print.

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