Chapter 11. Using QuickBooks Online

What You'll Do

Set Service Connection Preferences

Set Up Your QuickBooks Internet Connection

Activate Your Online Bank Account

Retrieve QuickStatements

Match Transactions

Make Online Payments

Cancel Online Payments

Send Online Messages

Transfer Money Between Accounts

Get Reports of Online Transactions

Use the QuickBooks Website

Use the Internet Version of QuickBooks

Statistics show that more than a third of Americans are now participating in online banking activities. As banks make their online services easier to access and more cost effective, the use of these services will likely continue to grow. QuickBooks provides a user-friendly interface with your bank, enabling you to reconcile your bank account online, examine recent transactions, transfer money, and pay bills.

You don't have to use all the online services offered by your bank. Checking balances and transferring funds are typically free services, but many banks charge a monthly fee or a per-transaction fee for bill payment services. You should weigh this fee against the cost of postage and paper supplies and the time you will save to determine whether the service is worthwhile to you.

If your bank does not provide online banking services and you want to use these features, you can open a new account at a bank that does provide these services. Opening an account for the purpose of using online services doesn't necessarily mean you have to sever ties with your original bank. You can use one bank for online services and keep another for savings and loan services.

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