Using the QuickBooks Remote Access Feature

If you travel or work out of the office and want to access your QuickBooks file from a remote location, the Intuit Remote Access feature is the tool you need. If you own the QuickBooks Premier Edition, this service is free for a year. Otherwise, there is a $14.95 monthly fee to use the remote service.

Go to to read about the remote access feature.

After the remote access feature is activated, you are given a Web address, login name, and password. You can perform the following tasks 24 hours a day with remote access:

  • Log in and open your company file.

  • Enter transactions in your company file.

  • Transfer files from one computer to another.

    Did You Know?

    Fees are subject to change. Any fees for services that are quoted in this book are the fees that were in place when the book went to press. The fees might have changed by the time you decide to purchase these services. Be sure to check online at the Web address given to find out the latest information about the exact fees for a service before you agree to purchase the service.

  • Print information from your company file.

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