Using the Accountant Edition of QuickBooks

The Premier Accountant Edition of QuickBooks offers features for accountants who work with their QuickBooks-using clients. By using the Accountant Edition of the program, third-party accountants can manage financial activities for the QuickBooks clients.

The 2006 version of QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition includes features designed specifically for accountants, such as

  • Fixed Asset Manager, which tracks all assets and calculates depreciation

  • Loan Manager for tracking and managing loans and loan amortization schedules

  • Free Remote Access, which enables accountants to work on client files from any location

  • The ability to save reports and forms as PDFs and email them directly from QuickBooks

  • Adjusting Entry and Adjusted Trial Balance report for tracking adjustments

  • Reconcile Discrepancy report, which displays deleted and changed transactions for easy reconciliation

  • Integration with Lacerte and ProSeries professional tax software

  • Password-protected close date and access to Closing Date Exception Report to prevent unauthorized changes after the close date and to help locate authorized changes after the close date

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