70 Convert from Color to Black and White

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70 Convert from Color to Black and White

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In today's world, it seems as though a movie or picture has to be in color to be cool. The famous black-and-white photographer Ansel Adams would definitely beg to differ , and if you've seen a Federico Fellini film, you would never agree to let it be colorized .

Black-and-white films and pictures have their place in the entertainment world, and Movie Maker offers a special effect labeled Grayscale that enables you to convert pictures and video clips to grayscale . You can age a scene by converting it to grayscale without adding the graininess that Movie Maker's Film Age special effects create.

  1. Select Tools, Video Effects

    Display the available video effects by selecting Video Effects from the Tools menu. The special effects will appear in the Contents pane.

  2. Scroll to Grayscale



    Grayscale ” The color description of a film or picture that shows various shades of gray and white without any other color. Often, a grayscale image or movie is called a black-and-white production, but such productions typically use grayscale and not a strictly limited black-and-white monochrome color scheme.

    Locate the Grayscale special effect by scrolling your Contents pane until you find the Grayscale entry.

  3. Drag to Clip

    Drag the Grayscale effect to the clip you want to apply it to. Make sure the clip's video effect icon appears on the clip's thumbnail.

  4. Click Play

    Click Play to review the grayscale effect of the clip.

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