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22 Import Still Pictures into Movie Maker

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39 Set a Picture Clip's Duration

Although you can import pictures into Movie Maker, Movie Maker can also capture pictures from any frame within a video clip. To prepare to capture the picture from the video, all you have to do is pause the clip on the frame you want to make into a picture.

  1. Click to Select Clip

    Click to select the clip that holds the frame you want to capture as a picture.

  2. Click Play

    Click the Play button; Movie Maker begins playing the selected clip.



    You can move the seek bar under the video viewing screen to move through the video frames until you locate the frame you want to make into a picture instead of playing to that position.

  3. Click to Pause

    Click the Play button once again to pause at the frame you want to save as a picture. You do not have to pause exactly on the actual frame ”just get as close as you can.

  4. Adjust Frame Right or Left

    Click the Previous Frame or Next Frame button to locate the specific frame you want to use for the picture. Previous Frame and Next Frame step through your video one frame at a time.

  5. Click Take Picture

    Click the Take Picture button. Movie Maker displays a dialog box where you can enter the picture's file information.



    Movie Maker places all picture clips at the start of the Contents window, sorted alphabetically by filename.

  6. Enter a Filename and Location

    Type a filename for the picture clip you are about to create. Movie Maker assigns the .jpg extension to all picture clip filenames. If you first want to select a specific folder to place the clip, click Browse and locate the folder you want to use.

  7. Click Save

    When you've entered the filename and storage location, click Save . Movie Maker places the picture, sorted by filename, at the start of the Contents window.

  8. Scroll to Top of Contents Window

    Scroll to view the clips at the top of the Contents window and look for the newly created picture clip. Remember that you cannot rearrange clips within the Contents window. The Contents window has nothing to do with the timeline or the sequence of your project. The Contents window simply holds all the clips available for use in your video.



    You can use graphics editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, to enhance the picture clip before using it in your Movie Maker project.

  9. Review Picture

    Look at the picture to determine whether it's acceptable to you. If you do not want the picture clip, you can delete it ( see 30 Delete Clips from the Storyboard ) and take a picture of another clip.

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