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Large clips are less manageable than smaller ones. Although the number of clips grows the smaller they are, several clips give you more freedom in the arrangement of your final video than a single, large clip.

Sometimes you might want to remove the first or last portion of a clip or to divide a long clip into two or more shorter clips. Movie Maker can split a clip into two smaller clips, which you can then continue to split into even smaller clips if necessary. Movie Maker does not require the split to occur in the clip's middle frame; you can split one clip into two clips wherever you want to make the split.

  1. Click to Select a Clip



    Insert a scene transition inside a clip by splitting the clip into two clips first and then inserting the transition between them.

    Select the clip you want to split. You can click a clip in the Contents window or a clip in the storyboard/timeline.

  2. Click Play

    Click the Play button; Movie Maker begins playing the selected clip.



    You can split a picture clip into two separate picture clips on the storyboard or the timeline. If the clip contains both audio and video, both the audio and video are split together.

  3. Click Pause

    Click again to pause the frame where you want to split the clip. You do not have to pause exactly on the actual frame, just get as close as you can.

  4. Adjust Frame Right or Left



    You can move the seek bar under the video viewing screen to move through the video frames until you locate the frame you want to make into a picture instead of playing to that position.

    Click Previous Frame or Next Frame to locate the specific frame where you want to split the clip. Previous Frame and Next Frame step through your video one frame at a time.

  5. Click Split the Clip into Two

    Click the Split the Clip into Two button, located in the lower-right corner of the monitor. Movie Maker splits the single clip into two clips at the frame you selected in step 4. If you split the clip from the Contents window, Movie Maker creates a new Contents window clip and gives the new clip the same name as the original full clip with an index number in parentheses. In other words, a clip named BallGame_Homerun 008 would be split into two clips, the first one with the original name BallGame_Homerun 008 , and the second one named BallGame_Homerun 008 (1) . When you save your project, the split clip is saved along with the rest of the clips.

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