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Often you'll find yourself wanting to use the same clip in two or more places in your project. You might want to loop through the same scene two or more times. Perhaps you want to emphasize a scene by repeating it with a different audio track. Such methods are useful, for example, when you show a dynamic replay in which your proud slugger got to third base with a single hit in last season 's Little League softball championship. When you repeat a clip, you might want to add special effects, such as showing it in slow motion ( see 67 Put Your Video in Slow Motion ).


To repeat a clip that you've already placed on the timeline, you can drag the clip once again from the Contents pane to the timeline. However, copying and pasting it as explained in these instructions is often simpler. When you decide that you want to repeat a clip, you might have already scrolled through to other areas of the Contents window, and locating the clip in the Contents window to drag to the timeline again would be more work than the copy-and-paste method.



You can repeat multiple clips by selecting more than one before copying and pasting them elsewhere on the storyboard/timeline. Press Ctrl as you click to select multiple clips in the timeline, and then right-click any of the selected clips.

  1. Right-Click the Clip You Want to Repeat

    In the timeline, right-click the clip you want to repeat. The context menu appears.

  2. Select Copy

    From the context menu, select Copy . Movie Maker copies the clip to the Clipboard . As an alternative to using the context menu, you can select the clip and then press Ctrl+C to copy the clip to the Clipboard .

  3. Right-Click Where the Repeated Clip Is to Go

    Right-click the line between two clips, which is where your inserted clip will go.

  4. Select Paste

    Select Paste from the context menu to insert the clip or clips you copied into the timeline. As an alternative to using the context menu, you can click to position the insertion point and then press Ctrl+V to paste the clip.

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