39 Set a Picture Clip s Duration

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39 Set a Picture Clip's Duration

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Whether your project contains one or more picture clips, the clip's picture duration determines how long the clip remains on the screen during playback before the next clip begins its playback.

Movie Maker uses a default picture duration setting of five seconds. You can change this default setting by opening the Options dialog box and clicking the Advanced tab. In addition to setting the overall project's duration, you can set the duration for individual picture clips so that they remain on the screen for a longer or shorter amount of time than the others.

  1. Select Tools, Options

    From the main menu, choose Tools, Options to open the Options dialog box. This dialog box contains the settings for your work with Movie Maker.



    Picture duration ” The length of time a picture clip remains onscreen before the next clip plays. The picture duration applies only to picture clips. Video clip length is determined by the clip's playback time.

  2. Click the Advanced Tab

    In the Options dialog box, click the Advanced tab. The default Picture duration setting is located on this tab of information.

  3. Click to Change Duration



    The Picture duration setting determines the duration for which clips play. If you change the Picture duration setting, subsequent clips change, but the ones already on the timeline do not.

    Click the up arrow next to the Picture duration field to increase the number of seconds each picture appears. Click the down arrow to decrease the number of seconds each picture appears.

  4. Click OK

    When you've specified the duration for which each picture clip will display, click OK . The Options dialog box closes and Movie Maker uses this Picture duration setting for all remaining picture clips you place on the storyboard/timeline.

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