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After you've gone through the editing process, you have in effect seen your movie over and over. Perhaps you never watched the movie straight through from the beginning to the end, but by watching all your edited clips throughout the editing process, you certainly know what's in your movie.

In spite of how much you've already seen of your production, you must watch your movie one more time, from the opening title to the final ending credit. Mistakes and surprises will creep into the work of the most careful movie pro. During your editing process, you could have easily deleted an extra clip or added the same clip twice to the timeline. You might also want to show the movie to friends or family before you edit it to get their feedback before you begin the final production process.



Although Movie Maker greatly simplifies putting your movie on CD or sending it via email, you will waste time and effort as well as risk embarrassment if you send your movie to someone and the movie has flaws that a quick review could have prevented.

  1. Click Play

    After you've finished your movie's editing, click the Monitor pane's Play button to watch the entire movie from start to finish.

  2. Watch Movie

    Turn up the volume so you can hear your movie's soundtrack and other audio content. Sit back and watch your movie with a careful eye for flaws that you can edit out before saving the movie.



    If you see a mistake, stop the playback and correct the mistake right then. Your best chance of remembering to fix the flaw is right after you spot it.

  3. Press Alt+Enter to Watch Full Screen

    You don't have to limit yourself to the small Monitor pane screen size . If you press Alt+Enter during playback, Movie Maker enlarges the movie to consume your entire computer monitor. You will be able to watch your movie more closely when you can see its details better in full-screen mode.



    If you find mistakes and make edits to your movie, you must once again watch the whole movie again from start to finish. New mistakes can occur during editing.

  4. Press Esc to Return to Monitor Pane

    If you want to return from full-screen mode to the regular Movie Maker screen, press Esc .

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Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
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