Chapter 11. Producing Your Movie

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81 Preview Your Final Movie

82 About Video Output Hardware

83 About Output Formats

84 About Sharing Video with Others

85 Start the Save Movie Wizard

86 Send Your Movie to Your Disk

87 Save Your Movie to a CD

88 Send Your Movie Using Email

89 Select a Video Hosting Provider

90 Publish Your Movie on the Web

91 Send Your Movie to a DV Camera

92 About Putting Movies on DVD

The previous parts , chapters, and sections of this book show you how to prepare for your movie, shoot your video to capture the tone and quality you desire , and put together the raw video into a final, edited movie you want to share with others.

That's all the hard part!

Getting your production in front of others, whether you want to send out your movie via email, place the movie on a Web site, or place the movie on a CD or DVD, simply involves selecting the proper format and letting Movie Maker do most of the work.



Movie Maker has no capability to send your movie directly to DVD, but several products enable you to do so. In 92 About Putting Movies on DVD and 108 Produce DVDs with CD & DVD Creator , you will learn all you need to know to send your Movie Maker production to a DVD.

The fact that Movie Maker does not directly write your movie to DVD does not imply that Movie Maker is limited in its output capability. Movie Maker is chock full of output formats, and you can send your movie to the following locations directly from within Movie Maker:

  • Digital video (DV) camera ” Send your movie to a digital video camera's tape for playback on a television you plug your DV camera into. If you have shot video footage on your DV camera's tape already, your Movie Maker movie will appear after that content as long as you position the tape properly.

  • Web ” Show your movies on the Web. To do this, you must use a video hosting provider .



    Video hosting provider ” A Web site on which you rent space to put your movies on for others to watch.

  • Email ” Send your movie as an attachment from your email program, such as Microsoft Outlook.

  • CD ” Store your movie on a recordable CD that can be read by some video playback devices and most computers.

  • PocketPC ” Save your movie as a PocketPC movie. If you or others you know use the PocketPC PDA device, Movie Maker can reduce your movie's resolution down to PocketPC's required resolution settings for playback on the small PocketPC device.

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