Chapter 14. Scripts, Actions, Logic, and Commands

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Chapter 14. Scripts, Actions, Logic, and Commands

This chapter explains the following flexible concepts of the BetterMUD: actions, logic, and commands. I've briefly touched on all of these topics, but I never took the full plunge into what they are and how they are implemented. For that, I apologize. The BetterMUD is a complex beast , and there's no way I can split up the C++ core and gradually add features. On the Python side of things, that's easy to do, but unfortunately , the core is best viewed as a whole entity with many interlinked components . So, with this chapter, I explore the extendible concepts of the BetterMUD.

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Understand the basic ideas behind script objects

  • Learn what data actions contain

  • Learn the three major kinds of actions

  • Understand the parameters the actions require

  • Learn the workings of logic modules

  • Learn how commands work

  • Implement simple commands in C++

  • Implement a database that generates command objects

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