Section 10. Updating Adobe CS2 Automatically

#10. Updating Adobe CS2 Automatically

Just as a perfectly tuned car needs scheduled maintenance, Adobe CS2 needs its fair share of periodic updates. Adobe CS2 has a built-in application that automatically checks and updates all the components that make up the suite, much like your operating system software does.

Brush Up on CS2 Keyboard Shortcuts

Help Center is also your guide to learning the current set of default keyboard shortcuts available through out CS2. In Help Center, choose the application from the Help for menu and then navigate down to Keyboard Shortcuts > Default Keyboard Shortcuts in the Contents panel. Here you'll find every shortcut related to that application. For easier printing of the keyboard shortcuts pages, go grab the PDF files of the manuals located on the CS2 install discs.

To launch Adobe Updater, choose Help > Updates from any CS2 application except Acrobat. The Updater then checks to see if your Adobe applications need updating. If no updating is needed, a dialog informs you of this. If updating is needed, a dialog box asks if you would like to download the updates (Figure 10a). Click the Start Download button to begin the update process. You may be asked to quit some or all of your Adobe applications, so you might want to postpone the update process until you have time to spare. You can click Show Details to see which updates are available and which updates have already been installed.

Figure 10a. If updates are available for any of your CS2 applications, this dialog will ask if you want to start downloading them.

You can also configure Adobe Updater to automatically check for updates every month. Launch Adobe Updater, click the Preferences button, and select the topmost check box. You can choose between two options to specify what to do if it finds updates: download all updates automatically and notify you or ask you before downloading any updates (Figure 10b). You can then decide which applications to update and specify folders in which to download the updates. Now you'll never have to worry about missing an important update.

Figure 10b. Much like your operating system's automatic software updates, Adobe Updater checks for updates every month for you. (If only your car would be as considerate.)

The Product Support Pages

If updating CS2 isn't resolving issues you're experiencing or is causing new ones, go check out the product support/top issues page for the application in question on the Adobe Web site: Oftentimes Adobe is aware of the issue and they will post workarounds or information to fix the problem.

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