Benefits of Hub and Spoke Model

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Assuming that most Web creators link to topics of interest, the model enables groups to create their own Web community that will be automatically identified by Web search engines. Furthermore, the hub and spoke model combines similar Web sites into a cohesive, tight-knit community that results in thematic unity.

The hub and spoke model has the potential to break down geographic barriers by creating an environment in which local community-based organizations act as equal partners. For example, there can be an agreement to link to government agencies, social service organizations and local schools. Additionally, members may collude to provide local content for local needs. Outcomes may lead to joint community efforts that lead to sustainable economic development and improved searches for community information. Furthermore, scientific discoveries can be made in relation to the behavior of the users as they traverse the graph through Web usage mining.

The most fundamental outcome is to improve the quality of searches. Additionally, if all organizations co-cite each other, an assumption can be made that individual organizations will also appear high on a search list. In the end, community members are provided with a high-quality information portal.

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