co_error co_register_read(co_register reg,                           void *buffer,                           size_t buffersize); 

Header File



This function reads a data value from a register object and copies the value to a local memory. This function must be called from within a process run function.


The arguments for co_register_read are as follows:

co_register reg

A pointer to a register object as passed on the process argument list.

void *buffer

A pointer to the destination memory. (The destination is typically an integer variable.)

size_t buffersize

The number of bytes to transfer in the read operation.

Return Value

If the operation is successful, the function returns co_err_none and sets co_errno to CO_ENOERROR. In case of error, it returns co_err_invalid_arg and sets the co_errno variable accordingly; co_errno is set to CO_ENULL_PTR if the reg argument is NULL or to CO_EINVALID_REGISTER_WIDTH if the register is smaller than 32 bits.

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    Practical FPGA Programming in C
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