Viruses on Windows CE .NET

In addition to the Palm OS, a platform that experts predict to be fertile field for viruses is the embedded OS series from Microsoft. Microsoft Windows CE .NET is a powerful, scalable, and flexible operating system that will dominate a large share of the mobile device market. For example, it is the basis of the Pocket PC operating system. The original Windows CE became well known after its success on handheld computers, including the Pocket PC and handheld computers (PDAs). Although early versions of CE were somewhat limited, newer versions (3.0 and above) have become incredibly powerful and stable. Because of its power and efficient use of resources, and because of Microsoft's "enthusiastic" marketing practices, many predict Windows CE .NET to triumph as the primary operating system of Internet-enabled smart phones.

Microsoft Windows CE .NET is an open , scalable, 32-bit operating system that has been designed to work efficiently on small devices. In addition, it is a true multitasking OS. Thus, Windows CE .NET will drive a broad range of intelligent devices, including consumer products such as cameras , Internet appliances, and interactive televisions . The CE-based Stinger OS is a stripped-down version of CE that runs with the smallest possible footprint.

At the time of this writing, there have been no known viruses for CE .NET. The CE filesystem differs from any Windows desktop OS. However, given the lessons from biology, it will not be long before Windows CE .NET becomes host to new viruses.

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