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Marc Charney is a systems and network architect with a strong background in wired and wireless (WLAN/WWAN) networking. He is currently a senior systems consultant with Symbol Technologies, one of the leaders in mobile and wireless terminal development. Mr. Charney is currently focused on wireless networking specifically concentrating on the IEEE 802.11 standards. He has been involved with wireless LANs since 1995 and has held a number of positions , including RF field surveyor , wireless systems engineer, and wireless systems architect. His broad background in networking and current focus on WLAN technology have enabled him to work with various clients developing, designing, and supporting their WLAN and WWAN plans. In addition to his role at Symbol, Marc has been a technical editor for Sams Publishing over the past seven years . His contributions range from titles on Windows (NT/2000), networking (wired and wireless), and security. Marc's current focus is on titles related to WLANs and WLAN security.

William Rybczynski (GSEC, GCFW, CCNA, Network+) is a husband, father of four, and an active-duty Marine Master Sergeant currently serving as the Information Assurance Chief for Marine Forces Pacific. He has worked in the information technologies and information systems security fields for the past eight years, and served as Senior Instructor/Subject Matter Expert for the Marine Corps Computer Sciences School, as well as several civilian IT schools .

Anton Rager is a senior security consultant and founding member of Avaya Security Consulting Services. Mr. Rager specializes in vulnerability research, VPN security, and wireless security. Mr. Rager has authored several tools for security analysis of wireless networks and VPNs, including WEPCrack, the first publicly available WEP key breaker that allows an attacker to crack the encryption keys used with 802.11. Anton's most recent work has involved vulnerability testing of IPsec VPN protocols, clients and gateways, and has led to vulnerability discoveries with several major VPN vendors .

Maximum Wireless Security
Maximum Wireless Security
ISBN: 0672324881
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 171

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