Chapter 8. Incorporating Non-Flash Media Files

Flash gives you a ton of drawing and painting tools you can use to create original artwork, as you saw in Chapters 2 and 5. But if you've already got some cool logos or backgrounds that you've created in another program (like Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand), you don't have to redraw them in Flash. All you have to do is pull them into Flash import them. Once you do, you can work with them nearly as easily as you do the images you create directly on the Stage. You can also add sound clips, video clips, and scanned-in photos to your animations.

This chapter introduces you to the different types of media files with which Flash lets you work. It also gives you tips for working with imported files: You'll see how to apply effects to bitmap graphics, edit video clips, and synchronize (match) sound clips to specific animated sequences.

Note: After you've incorporated non-Flash media into your animation, you can control that media using ActionScript. For more details, flip to Chapter 11.

Flash 8
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