Question-handling Strategies

Based on exams the author has taken, some interesting trends have become apparent. For questions that require a single answer, two or three of the answers will usually be obviously incorrect and two of the answers will plausible ”of course, only one can be correct. Unless the answer leaps out at you (if it does, reread the question to look for a trick; sometimes those are the ones you are most likely to get wrong), begin the process of answering by eliminating those answers that are most obviously wrong.

Things to look for in obviously wrong answers include spurious menu choices or utility names , nonexistent software options, and terminology you have never seen. If you have done your homework for an exam, no valid information should be completely new to you. In that case, unfamiliar or bizarre terminology probably indicates a bogus answer.

Numerous questions assume that the default behavior of a particular device is in effect. If you know the defaults and understand what they mean, this knowledge will help you cut through many Gordian knots.

As you work you way through the exam, another counter that Cisco thankfully provides will come in handy ”the number of questions completed versus the questions outstanding. Budget your time by making sure that you have completed one third of the questions one third of the way through the exam period and two thirds of them two thirds of the way through.

If you are not finished when 95% of the time has elapsed, use the last few minutes to guess your way through the remaining questions. Remember, guessing is potentially more valuable than not answering; blank answers are always wrong, but a guess might turn out to be right. If you do not have a clue about any of the remaining questions, pick answers at random. The important thing is to submit an exam for scoring that has an answer for every question.


Just remember that, as you select answers, you will not be able to return to them, so double-check your selection before moving to the next question.

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