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p command, vi
P command, vi
parameters [See arguments]
parameters, positional [See positional parameters]
parent directory
parentheses (( ))
     ((...)) (arithmetic test) 2nd 3rd
     command substitution
     grouping conditional operators
     in arithmetic expressions
     nested subshells
PATH environment variable 2nd 3rd 4th
pathname expansion
     expansion of
     tilde (~) notation 2nd
     wildcards for
pattern matching operators
     Bourne shell support
pbmtext utility
PC platforms, shells for
pdksh (Public Domain Korn shell)
Peek, Jerry (Learning the UNIX Operating System)
percent sign (%)
     %% (job most recently put in background)
     %% (pattern-matching operator) 2nd
     %+ (job most recently put in background)
     %- (job second-most recently put in background)
     %? (job containing string)
     job numbers
     modulus operator
     pattern-matching operator
     printf format specifiers 2nd
     word designator
     for scripts
PID (process ID) 2nd
     shell variable containing
pipe character (^) 2nd
pipe character (|) 2nd
pipelines 2nd 3rd
     as coroutines
     in command line processing
     named pipes
     system calls invoked by
PIPESTATUS environment variable
plus sign (+)
     ++ (increment operatro)
     addition operator
     extended pattern-matching operator
     printf flag
     vi command
     xtrace output
PNM (Portable Anymap) format 2nd
pnmcat utility
pnmmargin utility, NetPBM
pnmnlfilt utility, NetPBM
pnmscale utility, NetPBM
point, emacs editing mode
popd command 2nd
     +n option
     -N option
     Bourne shell not supporting
     Korn not supporting
popd function example 2nd
Portable Anymap (PNM) format 2nd
positional parameters
     assignments using 2nd
     command-line options and
     in functions
POSIX regular expressions
POSIX shell 2nd 3rd
POSIX, bash using 2nd
POSIXLY_CORRECT environment variable
pound sign [See hash mark]
PPID environment variable
Practical UNIX and Internet Security (Spafford, Garfinkel)
precedence [See order of precedence]
print command, Korn
printer file filter example
printf command
     Bourne shell support
     flags for
     format specifiers for 2nd
priority of jobs
privileged mode
procedures [See functions]
process ID (PID)
     shell variable containing
process substitution 2nd
processes [See also signals]
     listing information about
     parallelization of
     simultaneous (coroutines)
     system resources used by
     zombies or orphans
     environment file and
     environment variables in
programmable completion 2nd
programming language, choosing
programming, shell [See scripts]
programs [See executable files]
prompt string customizations
PROMPT_COMMAND environment variable
prompting shell variables
ps command
     -a option
     -ax option
     -e option
PS1 environment variable 2nd 3rd 4th
PS2 environment variable 2nd 3rd
PS3 environment variable 2nd 3rd
PS4 environment variable 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
pushd command 2nd
     +n option
     -N option
     Bourne shell not supporting
     Korn not supporting
pushd directory stack example
pushd function example 2nd 3rd
pwd command 2nd
PWD environment variable 2nd 3rd

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