Section C.3. AppleScript Documentation

C.3. AppleScript Documentation

  • The main AppleScript page, including a number of example scripts and other resources:
  • AppleScript on Mac OS X from the developer's point of view:
  • The AppleScript Language Guidestill the primary official documentation, and an important source of information, even though it often obfuscates more than it explains and is valid only to Version 1.3.7:
  • Incremental release notes and change notes postdating the Language Guide:

    • AppleScript 1.4 change notes:

    • AppleScript 1.4.3 change notes:

    • AppleScript 1.5.5 change notes:

    • AppleScript 1.6 change notes:

    • AppleScript 1.7-1.9.2 release notes (at this point Apple seems at last to have recognized the importance of gathering and linking to the release notes from a single location):

  • A superb detailed historical record of AppleScript changes, maintained by Bill Cheeseman:
  • The 'aete' resource format:
  • The scriptSuite and scriptTerminology format:
  • GUI scripting:
  • AppleScript Studio:
  • Scripting on Mac OS X:
  • XML-RPC and SOAP :
  • Inside Macintosh, Interapplication Communication:
  • Apple events:
  • The Open Scripting Architecture:
  • Remarkable early white paper on the OSA and AppleScript, by their creators:
  • Glossary of AppleScript/Apple event terms:

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