Section C.2. Scriptable Software

C.2. Scriptable Software

  • BBEdit , a scriptable text editor:
  • MultiAd Creator , an extraordinarily scriptable and attachable page layout and drawing program:
  • Mailsmith , a scriptable email client:
  • Eudora , a scriptable email client:
  • Microsoft Entourage , Word , and Excel a scriptable email client and an incredibly scriptable word processor and spreadsheet program:
  • FileMaker Pro , a scriptable database program:
  • GraphicConverter , a scriptable image processing program:
  • Tex-Edit Plus , a scriptable styled text editor:
  • NoteTaker , a scriptable outliner:
  • StuffIt Expander , a scriptable file expander/decoder:
  • SpamSieve , a scriptable program that filters spam, communicating with email client programs through AppleScript:
  • Salling Clicker , a scriptable remote-control program:
  • Ovolab Phlink , a scriptable phone-answering program:
  • TextCommands, a scriptable faceless background application supplying valuable text-parsing abilities such as regular expressions:
  • Adobe FrameMaker , a superb scriptable layout program used to write this book; on Mac OS, it is Classic-only and development has officially ceased:

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