Section C.1. Scripting Software and Tools

C.1. Scripting Software and Tools

  • Script Debugger, a commercial environment for developing and debugging scripts and exploring scriptable applications, crucial to my use of AppleScript (this book couldn't have been written without it):
  • JavaScript OSA , an Apple-event savvy OSA language version of JavaScript:
  • Mac::Carbon and Mac::Glue, modules for using Apple events in Perl:
  • Appscript, an Apple events implementation for Python:
  • UserLand Frontier , and its inexpensive little brother Radio UserLand , a brilliant, powerful scripting environment with its own scripting language and built-in persistent storage, great interapplication communications, and Internet server/client capability. There is now also a free open source version:
  • OSABridge , a set of components making Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP, sh, and Tcl available as OSA languages:
  • Loader , a system for rationalizing AppleScript libraries:
  • PreFab UI Browser , an indispensable tool for GUI scripting:
  • REALbasic , an application development environment:
  • HyperCard , a once free, then overpriced, now out-of-date, Classic-only, unsupported, but historically insanely great Mac scripting and interface construction environment. Sales ceased in March 2004. For more information:
  • Gary McGath's EightyRez , a free 'aete' resource editor; this book could not have been written without it:
  • Smile , a free script editing environment:
  • FastScripts , a replacement for Apple's Script Menu:
  • Big Cat , a contextual menu script runner:
  • Bellhop , a utility for turning a script into an application service:
  • acgi dispatcher , a utility for using AppleScript applets for CGI with Apache:
  • QuicKeys , a macro program:
  • PreFab Player , a Classic macro program:
  • iKey , Keyboard Maestro , and DragThing , launcher programs that let you run a script by typing a keyboard shortcut:
  • Script Timer and iDo Script Scheduler , commercial products for running scripts at specified times:
  • PreFab UI Actions , a scriptable utility for observing applications through the Accessibility API:
  • Late Night Software's free List & Record Tools scripting addition:
  • Jon's Commands scripting addition:

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