Wireless Networking

As middleware is dependent on the network protocol being used, the effectiveness of the underlying transport protocol must be considered.

Implementing MOM Using the Java Message Service

The Java Message Service (JMS) developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. is part of the Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform. JMS is an Application Programming Interface (API) for accessing MOM systems in Java Programs. JMS, however, is not only operable within the Java domain, but it can also be integrated with other middleware technologies, such as CORBA and Microsoft.NET.

JMS provides a set of interfaces and good abstraction that defines how wireless middleware can be implemented. For this reason, JMS has become widely accepted in the industry as the API to follow.

The JMS API is not specifically intended for the wireless domain. Traditional JMS was designed to allow Java applications to communicate with existing wire-line MOM systems. As a result, a full JMS implementation is too "fat" for wireless devices, because low power consumption and a smaller memory footprint are required (Spiritsoft, 2002). However, JMS has become the "de facto" standard as an API for wireless middleware.

Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
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