Chapter 3. Introduction to Visual Studio .NET


ASP.NET Developer's JumpStart
By Paul D. Sheriff, Ken Getz
Table of Contents
Part I.  Introduction to Microsoft .NET and ASP.NET


  • Learn about creating and working with projects in Visual Studio .NET

  • Learn how to configure the Visual Studio .NET development environment

Visual Studio .NET provides an incredibly rich working environment. Although creating applications using the .NET Framework doesn't require the use of Visual Studio .NET, it's a lot easier, and more fun, to use Visual Studio .NET as your development environment. To get the most out of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, you will most likely wish to tailor it to suit your style of working. With the wide variety of configuration options, both familiar and new, you'll want to take the time to examine some of the various options.

In this chapter, you will be introduced to many of the different configurations and learn about the various settings in Visual Studio .NET. Along the way, you'll also learn about many of the different tools provided by Visual Studio .NET that make your job of creating applications easier.

This chapter introduces many of the tools and windows provided, presented in the order you will most likely encounter them as you work with the product.


    ASP. NET Developer's JumpStart
    ASP.NET Developers JumpStart
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