What Is an Industry Solution?

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What Is an Industry Solution?

A generic copy of SAP R/3 provides a starting point for most businesses. However, some companies (because of the nature of their business) can benefit from starting with a version of SAP R/3 that has been customized for their industry. Such versions are called Industry Solutions .

Industry Solutions versions of SAP are different from the vanilla SAP R/3 because they are (somewhat) preconfigured and have extensions . This doesn't mean that your company can bypass the configuration step, but it does mean a better fit between your "out-of-the-box" system and your needs. In essence, Industry Solutions give you the benefit of the learning and experience from earlier SAP R/3 installations in your industry.

Plain English


An addition to SAP R/3 that doesn't come with the plain version; a program written to add industry-specific functionality to R/3.

Examples of Industry Solutions

In the two years between the first and second edition of this book, the number of Industry Solutions has gone from seven to 20. It's safe to assume that new Industry Solutions will continue to be developed. The Industry Solutions available now include the following:

SAP Aerospace and Defense SAP Automotive
SAP Banking SAP Chemicals
SAP Consumer Products SAP Engineering and Construction
SAP Healthcare SAP High Tech
SAP Insurance SAP Media
SAP Mil Products SAP Oil and Gas
SAP Pharmaceuticals SAP Public Sector
SAP Real Estate SAP Retail
SAP Service Provider SAP Telecommunications
SAP Transportation SAP Utilities

How Industry Solutions Affect You

If you start from an Industry Solution, your configuration time will probably be shorter, and configuration will present fewer risks than if you were to start with generic SAP R/3. You also might need to adapt your business processes less than you would with a generic version.

Some kinds of industries don't yet have Industry Solutions. It's possible that your business will first implement SAP R/3 by using a generic version that has been configured for your company, and later switch to an Industry Solution “based system. This would likely be another large project, similar to (but hopefully easier than) your original SAP R/3 implementation.

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