AppendixC.Recommended Reading

Appendix C. Recommended Reading

This appendix suggests further places you can go for information on writing web applications:

  • The PHP Online Manual (

    The definitive resource for PHP functions and information, along with user comments and tips for how to get past common problems.

  • PHP Freaks (

    A community of PHP users and enthusiasts with tutorials, information, and other helpful suggestions.

  • comp.lang.php and php.general (Usenet newsgroups)

    Usenet newsgroups for public questions on PHP and associated technologies; the archives are fully searchable over the Internet.

  • The PHP Classes Repository (

    This is a collection of handy PHP classes similar to PEAR, but it's a bit more open and relaxed.

  • W3 Schools (

    This might be one of the most useful sites on the Internet for learning about various web-related technologies. Their tutorials are concise, excellent, and well written. Although some of the technologies are very much Microsoft-centric, there is still a ton to be learned from this site, and it is highly recommended.

  • The World Wide Web Consortium (

    Whenever you have doubts about a web technology or feature, this is the official reference.

  • MySQL Online Documentation (

    This is the full online MySQL manual. It is extremely well written and contains everything you need to fully and effectively use the MySQL database server. User comments are available.

  • PostgreSQL Online Manual (

    This is where you go for PostgreSQL documentation. It is extremely rich and well written.

  • Microsoft Developer Network (

    For the most complete information on how to use Microsoft SQL Server, MSDN is hard to beat. Microsoft's full developer library is available here. The only downside is that it can take a while to find exactly what you are looking for.

  • Oracle Database Documentation (

    Oracle has complete books online on how to use its database servers. Information on the Oracle 9 series of database servers can also be found on its web site.

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