In this chapter, you learned three methods to transmit messages over a network. In the first section, you learned how to send email messages from an ASP.NET page. Sending emails with attachments and HTML content was discussed.

Next, transferring messages from one application to another by using Microsoft Message Queuing was examined. You learned how to use the classes from the System.Messaging namespace to create new message queues, send messages to queues, and receive messages from queues. You also learned how to transport custom objects in a message queue.

Finally, the classes in the System.Net namespace for accessing other Web sites over the Internet were discussed. You learned how to use the WebClient class to simulate browser requests . You also learned how to use the HttpWebRequest class to simulate browser posts. Finally, you learned how to use the Dns class to resolve IP addresses into domain names .

ASP.NET Unleashed
ASP.NET 4 Unleashed
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