Chapter 5. The Project Team

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Our military forces are one team ”in the game to win regardless of who caries the ball. This is no time for "fancy dans" who won't hit the line with all they have on every play, unless they can call the signals.

”General Omar Bradley

Web projects use teams of multidisciplined professionals. Knowing what their responsibilities are and how they overlap with each other up front prevents factioning and infighting.

The worst thing about any job is not knowing what you are supposed to do. Defining someone's job means that they actually know what they are responsible for, what you expect of them, and what they don't have to worry about. With roles and responsibilities for team members defined, projects run much more smoothly and team morale improves . The question is, how do roles in typical XP projects fit roles required in typical Web development projects and how do people work together in the context of iterative development and continuous integration? To answer these questions we need to take a look at the following:

The worst thing about any job is not knowing what is expected of you.


  • What roles are in a typical XP project

  • What roles are in a typical Web development project

  • How our experiment in paired development strategy worked

  • Team work in continuous integration

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Extreme Programming for Web Projects
Extreme Programming for Web Projects
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