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This book included the steps you can follow to "take charge" of your VoIP project. Consider the high-level points again:

  • Chapter 1, "VoIP Basics." First, you need to know the technology and key components.

  • Chapter 2, "Building a Business Case for VoIP. Make smart decisions on the financial and business justification.

  • Chapter 3, "Planning for VoIP." Prior to deployment, put in the up-front work that makes the deployment a breeze.

  • Chapter 4, "Do It Yourself or Outsource?." Make the decision whether or not to work with excellent partners to get the job done.

  • Chapter 5, "Quality of Service and Tuning." You need QoS for VoIP. Understand the key mechanisms and when to use them.

  • Chapter 6, "Ongoing VoIP Management." After VoIP is deployed, make it run well.

  • Chapter 7, "Establishing VoIP SLAs." The service level metrics that you should consider and how to make sure that they are being met.

  • Chapter 8, "VoIP Security." Don't leave out security planning and management.

There are VoIP projects that go out of control and VoIP projects that go smoothly. By following classic IT project management and applying proper planning and process control, a lot of the risk can be removed from VoIP deployments.


Taking Charge of Your VoIP Project
Taking Charge of Your VoIP Project
ISBN: 1587200929
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 90

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