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All image files are organized in folders, and every folder corresponds to an actual folder on disk. Actions that you perform on folders within Picasa affect the folders on disk, too. As such, you can modify any image folder and its contents from within Picasa or by doing so in Windows.

Most folder commands can be chosen from a menu, by clicking the folder's Actions button, or by right-clicking the folder name in the Folder List (or almost anywhere else within the folder's area in the Lightbox).

Folder menu

Actions button

Right-clicking within a folder

Changes made in the Folder Properties dialog box appear in Picasa in the blue green bar above the folder's image thumbnails.

Split a folder. Use the Split Folder Here command to split a folder's pictures into two folders, starting at the selected picture in the current sort order.

Choose a command from the Folder > Sort By submenu to arrange the folder's images in the desired order.

Right-click the thumbnail where you want to divide the folder's images. Then choose Split Folder Here from the pop-up menu that appears.

A Folder Properties dialog box appears (see page 51). Name the new folder, enter other information as desired, and click OK. Starting with the selected thumbnail, the image and all those following it are moved to the new folder.

You can also select the folder in the Folder List and press (or choose Folder > Locate on Disk). This command can also be chosen by right-clicking anywhere within the folder or from the Actions button's drop-down menu.

The Locate on Disk command opens the selected Windows folder.

Delete a folder. This is Picasa's most dangerous command. Use it to delete a folder and its contents from your hard disk. Because a folder can contain files in addition to the graphics shown in Picasa, you should always inspect a folder's contents before deleting it. See "Open a folder on disk" on the previous page for instructions.

Select the folder name in the folder list and choose Folder > Delete.

You can also choose the Delete Folder command from the Actions button menu or when right-clicking the folder name/area.

Click Yes in the Confirm dialog box that appears. The folder and its files are moved to the Recycle Bin.

Remove a folder from Picasa. There are many folders Picasa tracks automatically that you probably don't want cluttering up the Folder List. Examples include folders containing only program startup screens or sample images. You can remove these folders from Picasa without affecting them on disk.

Select the folder, making it active. Then choose the Remove from Picasa command from the Folder, Actions button, or right-click menu. The Folder Manager appears (see page 55) with the selected folder highlighted.

Click the Remove from Picasa radio button, and then click OK. The folder is removed from the Folder List.

Hide folders. If there are folders you want to view but keep secret from others, you can hide them. This is accomplished by creating a password-protected Hidden Folders collection.

Select the first folder you want to hide. Choose Folder > Hide, choose Hide Folder from the Actions button drop-down menu, or right-click the folder name and choose Hide Folder.

The Hidden Folders collection is created in the Folder List. Each time you attempt to open/expand the collection, you'll be prompted to enter the password.

To ensure that the Hidden Folders collection is locked at the end of a session, collapse it, select a folder in a different collection, and then quit Picasa.

To add another folder to the Hidden Folders collection, select the folder and then choose Folder > Hide, choose Hide Folder from the Actions button drop-down menu, or right-click the folder name and choose Hide Folder.

To remove a folder from the Hidden Folders collection, expand the collection, select the folder name, and choose Folder > Unhide. The folder is restored to its previous collection.

Use the Folder Manager. You use the Folder Manager to determine the changesif anyPicasa tracks for each folder on your hard disk(s). For each folder, you can tell Picasa to Remove from Picasa (ignore the folder, as explained earlier in the chapter), Watch for Changes (automatically track all changes), or Scan Once (ignoring future changes to the folder's image files).

To open the Folder Manager, choose Tools > Folder Manager. Select the folder and then click a radio button to indicate how Picasa will track changes to the folder's contents. Click OK to save all changed folder settings.

Note: If you make major changes to the Folder Manager settings, Picasa may wait to update its database until the next time you launch the program.

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