xslt for dummies
XSLT For Dummies
by Richard Wagner
Hungry Minds 2002
The way in which resources on the Web are named. The most common URIs are Web addresses ( http://www.dummies.com ), which are also known as URLs.
An XSLT element that can represent a value and is defined with the xsl:variable element. For example, the variable <xsl:variable name =" myname ">Rich</xsl:variable> is named myname and has the string value of Rich .
The primary international body that governs Internet standards.
well- formed :
A well-formed document is one that is syntactically correct; in other words, every begin tag has a matching end tag. For example:
 <book id="10101">War and Peace</book> 
A markup language that enables you to define elements that describe the data they contain.
The language used by XSLT to describe how to locate nodes in a source XML document. Think of XPath as the spy or commando who is charged with going into an XML document and picking out the requested information for XSLT.
The markup language charged with styling, laying out, or transforming XML documents into a form that makes sense to its intended audience. XSL is composed of two independent parts : XSLT for transforming XML from one structure to another; and XSL Formatting Objects and Formatting Properties for formatting XML documents.
A language used to transform XML documents into other XML documents or formats.
XSLT processor:
Software that applies an XSLT stylesheet to a source XML document to produce a result document.
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XSLT For Dummies
XSLT for Dummies
ISBN: 0764536516
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Year: 2002
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