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create new records p. 132

  • If you've created test records, be sure to delete them before entering your real data. Choose Records > Delete All Records.

  • When creating new records, all fields for which you've set auto-enter options will automatically be filled with data. If you're allowed to edit the field, you can change the auto-enter data.

  • Data entered in the Description field for a stock or mutual fund is critical because it's used to identify matching transaction records in the Stocks table. If you purchase more of the same stock or fund, include additional Description text to distinguish the lots, such as a lot number or the purchase date.

delete records p. 134

  • If you create an unwanted transaction, immediately click Delete Record, confirm the deletion, and then click Continue.

  • Because Undo can't reverse a record deletion, you may want to back up the database before deleting critical data. Choose File > Save a Copy As. In the file dialog box, name the copy, select copy of current file or compacted copy (smaller) from the Type drop-down list, and then click Save.

  • In addition to using the procedure described on page 134 to locate transaction records, you can perform a normal Find. Switch to the proper layout (Stocks, for instance), choose View > Find Mode, enter or paste the account identifier into the field in the Header, and click Find.

common procedures p. 135

  • When entering or editing data in a field for which you've enabled auto-complete, FileMaker tries to finish your entry based on data previously entered in the field. To ignore an auto-complete suggestion, just continue typing.

  • FileMaker has its own spelling checker. Suspect words are marked with a squiggly red underline. You can correct such a misspelling by -clicking or right-clicking the word and choosing an option from the Suggested Spellings submenu.

  • To perform a complete spelling check for the current record, choose Edit > Spelling > Check Record.

Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8. Visual QuickProject Guide
Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8: Visual QuickProject Guide
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