common procedures

In this section, we'll discuss other common procedures you'll need to use while working with Investment Minder.

Record navigation. To flip through the records in Main, click the < Prev and Next > buttons. Doing so ensures that the correct tab panel is displayed for each investment. If you use the Book icon to move through the records or for any other reason see that the incorrect tab is displayed, click the Tab button.

To move through records in any of the transaction layouts (Savings, Stocks, or CD), use the Book icon in the status area.

Editing data. To edit the data in any record (regardless of the layout you're on), click in the appropriate field and edit as you would in any other program. When you commit the record, the Last Modified field automatically changes to show today's date.

Note: To set the current value of a savings bond, update the Bond_Interest field to show all interest earned to-date by the savings bond. To update a stock or mutual fund's current value, edit the Stk_Current Share Price field and set the Stk_New Date field to the date of the new quote.

Working with portals. The portal at the bottom of all records (except savings bonds) shows all transactions for the current investment. To change the portal data, you can either make the necessary edits directly in the portal (which will simultaneously change the transaction record) or edit the transaction record (which will simultaneously change the data in the portal).

You can also delete records in a portal, simultaneously deleting the transaction record in the related table. In the portal, position the cursor in any field of the transaction you want to delete and choose Records > Delete Record. Click the Related button in the confirmation dialog box that appears.

Sorting records. The Main and transaction layouts will periodically lose their sort order (when you add records, for example). To restore the proper record order, click the Sort button at the top of the layout.

Finding an investment record. If you don't want to use the navigation buttons or the Book icon to locate an investment record in Main, click the List button, review the record list, and click the View button of the record you want to examine.

Creating reports. To generate a report, choose the report name from the Scripts menu or press its or keyboard shortcut. To print the report you're viewing, turn on your printer and choose Scripts > Print Current Report (or press this command's keyboard shortcut).

To save a permanent copy of the current report so you can email it to someone or review it at your convenience, choose File > Save/Send Records As > PDF. A file in Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Reader format is generated and saved to disk.

Resizing the current layout. To restore the current layout to its correct dimensions, choose Scripts > Resize Layout (or press its keyboard shortcut).

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