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Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8: Visual QuickProject Guide
By Steve Schwartz
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: November 28, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-41483-7
Pages: 160

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      what you'll create
      how this book works
      visit the Web site
      the next step
    Chapter 1.  about databases and FileMaker Pro
      database features
      flat file vs. relational
      about FileMaker Pro
      extra bits
    Chapter 2.  defining the primary fields
      make a new database
      about creating fields
      create Text fields
      create Number fields
      create Date fields
      about calculations
      create Calculation fields
      about field options
      set Auto-Enter options
      set Validation options
      set Storage options
      about the default layout
      extra bits
    Chapter 3.  creating the data entry layout
      about layout tools
      color the layout parts
      format fields and labels
      clear some space
      add a tab control
      add a background block
      place fields in the block
      place the Footer field
      place the Savings fields
      place the Stock fields
      place the CD fields
      place the Bond fields
      set field formatting
      set Auto-complete fields
      name and save the layout
      extra bits
    Chapter 4.  creating the related tables
      create the Savings table
      create the Savings table
      create the Stocks table
      create the Stocks table
      create the CD table
      create the relationships
      define more fields
      place the new fields
      create the portals
      extra bit
    Chapter 5.  making the list layout
      create a blank layout
      format the layout parts
      insert the fields
      add labels and a title
      create the View button
      extra bits
    Chapter 6.  creating summary reports
      create more fields
      the Savings Report
      the CD Report
      the Savings Bond Report
      the Stock Report
      extra bits
    Chapter 7.  creating an Account Summary Report
      create the Value fields
      visit the wizard
      edit the layout
    Chapter 8.  buttons, scripts, and value lists
      define value lists
      transaction buttons
      Main Header buttons
      tab panel buttons
      Prev/Next buttons
      Go to Tab script
      create more scripts
      organize the scripts
      assign scripts to buttons
      set calendars and tabs
      set calendars and tabs
      extra bits
    Chapter 9.  using the database
      create new records
      delete records
      common procedures
      extra bits

Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8. Visual QuickProject Guide
Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8: Visual QuickProject Guide
ISBN: 0321414837
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 115

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