That's ityou've done it! You have created your first Flash Remoting application. Select Test Movie and click away! Upon testing your application, you should notice the following events:

  • "….connection successful" should display in the title text field for a few seconds.

  • "ColdFusion's Country Eggs" should display in the title text field.

  • "ColdFusion's Country Eggs" description, price, and image should display in the text fields and loader.

  • Selecting a new menu item should display its description and image.

Some important things to remember:

  • Plan carefully.

  • Import the Remoting classes.

  • Test for a connection before writing a lot of code.

  • Use the FaultEvent class; this can help if problems occur.

  • If you create a "site" in Dreamweaver MX or later, you can easily connect to your ColdFusion datasource and create a CFC.

Flash Remoting is a dynamic product that can enhance your Flash movies and applications. This chapter is a brief overview on Flash Remoting. I recommend that you visit for more documentation, tutorials, and articles.

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