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Samba, CVS, and permissions 
sandboxes  2nd 
    administrative files 
    assignment to developers 
    branch sandboxes, converting to 
    branch sandboxes, creating 
    checkouts and locks 
    CVS subdirectories 
    CVS subdirectory files 
    dot files in 
    Entries file 
    file status, checking 
    files, editing 
    files, updating 
    project structure and 
    proper use of 
    repositories and 
    repository paths 
     reverting to previous versions 
    tag command 
    tagged, checking out 
    tagging by 
SCC-API (Common Source Code Control Application Programming Interface) 
    Jalindi Igloo 
    Zeus SCC-CVS 
SCCS files, converting to CVS 
sccs2rcs script 
scripting files  2nd 
scripting files, comments in 
    build scripts 
    CVS commands, exit status 
    directory for 
Secure Shell  [See SSH]
security  2nd 
    ownership-changing systems 
        root directory permissions 
    rsh and 
    server access method and 
server access method  2nd  3rd  4th 
server command 
server environment variables  
SGID bit, setting 
shell variables  2nd  3rd 
short branch 
simultaneous development 
source control  2nd 
special filename (!) 
special filename (*) 
SSH (Secure Shell) 
    accessing remote repositories using 
    end-of-line character issue 
    WinCVS and 
status command  2nd  3rd 
    -v option 
sticky branches 
sticky dates 
sticky keywords 
sticky tags  2nd  3rd 
support resources for CVS 
symbolic links and CVS 
system-level user authentication 
SystemAuth option 


Essential CVS
Essential CVS (Essentials)
ISBN: 0596527039
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 152

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