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P-CAV (Partial CAV) 
P8 and P9 connectors, caution with 
packet writing  2nd 
    support for CD writers 
packet-writing software
    caution with 
    vs. premastering software  2nd 
    DVD drives 
    SuperDisk drives  [See SuperDisk drives]
parallel ports 
    connectors and cables for 
    hardware connected to, configuring 
    mapping to LPTs 
    recommendations for 
    Zip drive and 
parallel tape drives 
Parallel Technologies  2nd 
parity memory  2nd 
Partial CAV (P-CAV) 
Partition Magic (PowerQuest) 
partitioning hard drives 
passive SCSI terminators 
PC 2001 
PC 99 
PC Power & Cooling  2nd 
PC100/PC133 SDRAM 
PCI  2nd 
    expansion slots/cards  2nd 
    handling interrupts 
    video adapters
        interfaces for 
PCI Bus IRQ Steering 
PCM (Pulse Coded Modulation) 
    booting and, caution with memory 
    building  2nd 
        problems with 
    bus support, components for 
    cables and 
    components, OEM versions 
    cost of 
    design guides for 
    mice and trackballs for 
    sound adapters/cards and 
    tools for repairing 
    upgrading  [See upgrading PCs]
    uses for old models 
    warranties for 
    working on  [See working on PCs]
PD (Phase Change Dual Optical) drives 
Peak Power 
Peerless drive (Iomega) 
pels (pixels) 
Pentium processors  2nd  3rd 
    recommendations for 
    secondary (L2) cache 
    upgrading  2nd 
Peripheral Component Interconnect  [See PCI]
Peripheral Connectors 
PFC (power-factor-corrected) 
Phase Change Dual Optical (PD) drives 
Phoenix (BIOS manufacturer)  2nd 
phosphor dots 
physical formats of writable CDs 
physical formatting 
physical modeling synthesis 
PIC (Programmable Interrupt Controller) 
picture elements (pixels) 
pin 1  2nd 
    floppy disk drives, installing 
    motherboards, installing 
    SCSI hard disks, installing 
    socketed processors, installing 
pin 11 (remote sensing) 
    cables for floppy disk drives 
    caution with 
    serial cables and 
    power supplies and 
PIO (Programmed I/O) 
    compatibility and 
pipeline burst, cache type 
pixels  2nd 
planar boards  [See motherboards]
Plastic Pin Grid Array (PPGA) 
platters, in hard disk drives 
    CD-RW drives 
    PlexWriter drive 
    SCSI CD-ROM drives 
PlexWriter drive (Plextor) 
Plug-n-Play (PnP)  2nd 
    configuring displays 
plugs (male connectors) 
PM (Primary Master), installing ATAPI drives 
PnP  [See Plug-n-Play]
PocketZip drive 
Point of View hat (POV hat) 
Pointers page 
pointing devices 
port extenders 
    purchasing motherboards and 
power connectors 
power cord  2nd 
power-factor-corrected (PFC) 
power management 
power supplies  2nd 
    caution with 
    choosing/recommended  2nd 
    connectors for 
    floppy disk drives and 
    installing  2nd  3rd 
    motherboards and, installing 
    voltages and, caution for 
power-supplies-to-device connectors 
    Partition Magic 
PPGA (Plastic Pin Grid Array) 
premastering software 
    vs. packet-writing software  2nd 
primary cache 
Primary Master (PM), installing ATAPI drives 
Pro-FD drives (Samsung) 
processor bus 
processor bus speed 
processor speed 
    motherboards and, support for 
processors  2nd 
    AMD  [See AMD processors]
    architecture of 
    Celeron  [See Celeron processors]
    chipset support and  2nd 
    choosing/recommended  2nd 
    components of 
    generations of 
    installing  2nd 
        slotted processors 
        socketed processors 
    multiple support for 
    Pentium  [See Pentium processors]
    support types 
    transfers, managing 
profiles, stored in game controllers 
Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC) 
Programmed I/O (PIO) 
    compatibility and 
programs  [See software]
Promise Technology 
Properties dialog
    hard disk drives and 
    keyboards and 
    mice/trackballs and 
Properties sheet 
proportional responses 
proprietary motherboards 
protocol-based DRAM 
PS/2 keyboard interfaces  2nd 
PS/2 mouse interface 
pthalocyanine dye, in CD-R blanks 
Pulse Coded Modulation (PCM) 
PW_OK (pin 8) 


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