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Building the Perfect PC, 2nd Edition
By Barbara Fritchman Thompson, Robert Thompson
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: December 01, 2006
ISBN-10: 0-596-52686-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-596-52686-3
Pages: 352

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   Foreword to the Second Edition
    Chapter 1.  Fundamentals
      Section 1.1.  Why Build a PC?
      Section 1.2.  Designing the Perfect PC
      Section 1.3.  Things to Know and Do Before You Start
      Section 1.4.  Things You Need to Have
      Section 1.5.  Getting to Know Your Motherboard
      Section 1.6.  Troubleshooting
    Chapter 2.  Choosing and Buying Components
      Section 2.1.  Choosing Components
      Section 2.2.  Buying Components
      Section 2.3.  Final Words
    Chapter 3.  Building a Mainstream PC
      Section 3.1.  Determining Functional Requirements
      Section 3.2.  Hardware Design Criteria
      Section 3.3.  Component Considerations
      Section 3.4.  Building the Mainstream PC
      Section 3.5.  Post-Assembly
      Section 3.6.  Final Words
    Chapter 4.  Building a SOHO Server
      Section 4.1.  Determining Functional Requirements
      Section 4.2.  Hardware Design Criteria
      Section 4.3.  Component Considerations
      Section 4.4.  Building the SOHO Server
      Section 4.5.  Final Words
    Chapter 5.  Building a Gaming PC
      Section 5.1.  Determining Functional Requirements
      Section 5.2.  Hardware Design Criteria
      Section 5.3.  Component Considerations
      Section 5.4.  Building the Gaming PC
      Section 5.5.  Final Words
    Chapter 6.  Building a Media Center PC
      Section 6.1.  Determining Functional Requirements
      Section 6.2.  Hardware Design Criteria
      Section 6.3.  Choosing Software
      Section 6.4.  Component Considerations
      Section 6.5.  Building the Media Center PC
      Section 6.6.  Final Words
    Chapter 7.  Building a Small Form Factor (SFF) PC
      Section 7.1.  Determining Functional Requirements
      Section 7.2.  Hardware Design Criteria
      Section 7.3.  Component Considerations
      Section 7.4.  Building the SFF PC
      Section 7.5.  Final Words
    Chapter 8.  Building a Budget PC
      Section 8.1.  Determining Functional Requirements
      Section 8.2.  Hardware Design Criteria
      Section 8.3.  Component Considerations
      Section 8.4.  Building the Budget PC
      Section 8.5.  Final Words
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Building the Perfect PC
Building the Perfect PC, Second Edition
ISBN: 0596526865
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 84

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